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Healthier Mouth, Healthier You!

woman in pink with white teethYour teeth are the only part of your body that can’t heal themselves. While your bones and skin can regenerate, it’s physically impossible for tooth enamel to do the same. But if nothing is hurting, it may be easier to overlook the idea of your dentist suggesting restorative dental work.

Unfortunately, the lack of pain can also lead to a distrust in your dental provider’s recommendations. Especially if you’re worried about the costs or previously went through a bad experience when it comes to treatment.

The Problem With Delaying Treatment

When recommended treatment gets put off, it can lead to a gradual decline in your overall wellness and integrity of your smile. The truth is, restoring your mouth to its original form and function (such as placing new fillings or changing out old ones) can keep your smile in the best shape possible. Over time, this approach means fewer, more comfortable and less expensive treatment.

Keeping your mouth in the best shape possible will also help you avoid potential problems or develop new ones. It lowers the risk of infectious bacteria from spreading into the rest of your body.

Partnering With Our Patients

We have your best interests at heart. As part of your thorough exam, we’ll share detailed intraoral photographs and digital images with you, so that you see the same things we do. Having a better understanding of your oral health will give you the resources you need to make an informed decision about your care.

We’ll help you keep your smile in the best shape possible and explain any treatment recommendations, especially if it doesn’t feel like there’s anything “wrong” to begin with. Ultimately, we want to help you keep your smile’s integrity and delay potential problems down the road.

What About the Costs?

Do you need major dental work? We can address bigger problems first and break up your treatments into multiple, smaller appointments. Making staggered payments is easier on your budget; we also offer a 20% cash discount.

As time goes by, we can attend to the smaller and less serious issues affecting your smile.

It’s our mission to help you keep your smile healthy and minimize the health effects of chronic dental conditions. Thanks to today’s modern anesthetics and nitrous oxide sedation, you can pass the time more quickly and comfortably than ever before.

It’s Time to Make the Call

We make it our mission to help you feel as comfortable as possible. The truth is most people walk in with more pain and anxiety than what they’ll experience during a restorative treatment. Contact us today to partner with a dental team you can trust!

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